Do you want answers to the most significant key questions in your life?

About your relationship, health, work or about your purpose in life? Then arrange a free initial consultation.

 Jessica Lembke

Find answers to  questions in your life

Receive the answers regarding your relationships, your health, your family, your job and your purpose in life.

Dissolve physical and mental blockages

Recognize your soul path with the messages of the Akashic Chronicle and dissolve blockages in order to live in clarity and joy.

Feel joy and deep connection to the universe

Gain energy and enjoyment of life. Feel your connection to the universal field.


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Akasha - the key to the universal field of love

The Akashic Record is a living energy field that contains all the information about you as a person, your past, your present and what you are allowed to know about your future. The Akashic Records also talks about the universal field of consciousness in which everything that ever was is recorded and stored for all time.

"Your soul knows your path and your purpose in life!"

In this field of consciousness every person has a personal "book of life". All information and experiences of the entire human history are available in this field of unconditional love.

"The Akashic Record opens up the universal field of love for your life!"

The Akashic Records can give you messages about your health, relationships, family, past lives and your life purpose. This means that you can recognize your soul path in order to walk it with clarity and joy.

 "Experience healing on a mental and physical level and live your life with more joy and clarity!"

About me

As a certified Akashic Records Counselor according to Gabrielle Orr, I support my clients in finding answers to life questions with the help of the Akashic Records. For more than 15 years I have been working as a registered German naturopath with people who come to my practice with physical and mental problems. In addition to methods of traditional medicine, I also incorporate various spiritual healing methods, such as the Akashic Records reading, into my healing work.

You will find more information about me and my work on Heilpraxis35.


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